Levelfield Auto

Shopping for your next pre-owned vehicle? If you are looking for a used car, less than four years old, we can help you find it. Levelfield Auto has the car buying experience and business know how to help you locate your perfect vehicle and shield you from the average stress-filled car lot experience. With access to factory sales across the country, we can locate your dream car and deliver it to you. We'll find the exact car you request and you won't have to face the traditional frustrations of finding and purchasing your next car.

About Us

Leveling the field for the Auto buyer

Located at 11675 Jollyville Road, Austin, TX 78759 we're here to help you find your next automobile. We've found a simple way to get quality used vehicles (less than four years old)  to our customers without the hassle of driving lot to lot looking for the perfect match.

Why Choose Levelfield Auto?

Take the stress out of buying your next car

One of the most stressful purchase decisions people make after buying a home, is purchasing their next car. We're here to simplify that process and take the stress out of finding your dream car.
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